Shit 9GAG Says

Feb 14

[image descriptions: image 1 is a photo of a girl in a pink tank top. Text on the image: “when will “you” get a job so that “we” would have money.” Image 2 is an open wallet with numerous dollar bills inside. Text beside the image: “yesterday I broke up with my GF. Today I came home to this.” Image 3 is a woman making out with a silhouette of a man that is filled with dollar bills. Test beside the image: “true love.”]

The “women are gold diggers” collection. 

Here’s a thought, 9GAG: if you’re so unhappy with the fact that being in a relationship is costing you money, then 

a) stop entering relationships or

b) set financial boundaries with your significant other that work for you. 

You have a mouth (in all probability), as does your partner. Talk about money like a grownup instead of whining and making sexist posts on the internet. 

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